BiroWine is a company which specializes in wine trade in the USA and China, offering all of the necessary services and support for wine cellars, distributors and importers to promote wine and food in the foreign market.

It guarantees an import network with direct management in the USA and China, ensuring constant consultations for company export managers and cellars owners.

We offer professional support and know how of the international market, and get you in touch with the most important partners in order to to expand your export network in the correct category.

Our professional legal department will take care of any disputes in US and Asian territory and will resolve all paperwork for legal records.

BiroWine helps you increase your export market by opening new channels, and choosing markets of interest where your product can be placed.


Currently we have 9 offices between the USA and China, with a network with 29 distributors and 12 importers, for a total of 125 containers with base TEU (Twenty- ùfoot Equivalent Unit).

We are present in the most important areas like: Prowien, VinItaly, Chengdu, Guangzhou, NY, SF, Paris, Miami.

We provide secure and documented references. To start we need complete and detailed information about your company, as we will not proceed with companies that have no guarantees.

For this reason it is very important to provide certain information about your company in the preliminary study. The birowine.com website is divided into three primary categories of world wine export: CELLARS, DISTRIBUTORS, IMPORTERS. For each category you can find a form to complete.  This is necessary for us to evaluate your company.